Gurhan Large Pebble Link Bracelet 24k Yellow Gold

Gurhan Large Pebble Link Bracelet 24k Yellow Gold


This 24k yellow gold bracelet will catch your eye from across the room. Its made by designer Gurhan.

"When Gurhan first started working in pure gold he ignored the common belief that it was too soft, heavy and expensive for jewelry. He studied the craft of the ancient goldsmiths of the Anatolian and Byzantine empires, the world’s first goldsmiths, then refined their methods to develop his now signature technique.

Today his designs are driven by the combined need for purity and performance: every piece must achieve strength, lightness and affordability, as well as beauty in its design. He quickly realized that only by using the most careful techniques is it possible to address the issues of softness, expense and weight.

Many other jewelers alloy gold with different metals but this technique sacrifices the color, beauty and purity of using pure 24k gold. The greatest challenge for the earliest goldsmiths was to strengthen the notoriously soft metal, while also making it lightweight and wearable. Ancient jewelers achieved this by hand-hammering the metal to harden it and by reinforcing the shapes with natural elements. Gurhan has embraced both of these techniques, his “fingerprints” being the visual signature of his work. "

  • Bracelet is 9" long
  • Links are 1.09" wide


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