Master artisans equipped with the best tools and technology are here to make your unique vision a reality.


Recent Creations

Here's How We Do It

First, we schedule a consultation with you to determine the aesthetics of your ideal piece.


Start With An Idea

The first thing we do is listen. We want to listen and figure out how to create the jewelry of your dreams. It can begin with a sketch, magazine clippings or a Pinterest board. Either way, this is the most important step in the process and it’s exactly where we shine. We love to hear about you and translate that into jewelry as gorgeous and unique as you are.  


Create a CAD Rendering

A CAD (Computer Aided Design) will take your dream and bring it to a 3-dimensional image. You will be able to see your future treasure from all angles as well as the proportions of the stones alongside one another. Any tweaks or changes can be made before the ring is cast and finished.

Ring Cleaning.jpg

Grow a Wax Mold

Once your CAD is approved, a 3D grower will use the CAD filer to grow your design with a wax resin to the exact scale of the finished product. This is another opportunity to view your future piece and even try it on.


Create an Investment Cavity

The wax resin mold is then put into a "can" filled with liquid investment. The can is then put into an oven overnight. By morning, the liquid investment has hardened and the wax resin has melted out, leaving an empty cavity of your piece inside of the hardened investment.


Cast Your Ring  

Your metal of choice (platinum, 14 or 18 karat, yellow or white gold) is melted with a torch, and then through centrifugal force, the molten gold is forced into the cavity. Once the can is cooled, it is broken away revealing a rough casting of your piece.

Ring Cleaning.jpg

Clean & Finish

Your piece will get ultrasonically cleaned and then steamed to remove any remaining investment. Any excess metal will be meticulously filed away.


Set Stones

There are several ways and styles to set stones. Each with its own aesthetic advantage, from classic prong setting to deep and elaborate bright setting. Special designs can all be engraved into the sides of the ring. This is the stage where your piece truly comes to life and a jeweler's true talent shines.


Polish & Clean

A few more steps filing excess metal and then polishing are the final stages in bringing the brilliance of your piece to life. There are a lot of additional finishes to consider such as satin, Florentine or hammered that can give your piece its final, unique touch.