Scouring every source you can find for reliable information about buying an engagement ring? We understand, and we're here to help.


Bridal Jewelry

While buying a diamond is probably your biggest concern, there's a whole lot more you need to know. You can start with a phone conversation or an in store consultation. No obligation. No pressure. Just good, friendly advice and at the end of it, we hope you understand why we're different.



Huffords Signature Diamonds

Our diamonds come directly from diamond cutters. What does that mean for you? There is no middleman. No extra charges passed on to you. It also means that our quality standards apply to our Signature Diamonds. Every stone is ethically sourced, accompanied by a GIA or AGS report and is "Ideal Cut" for maximum brilliance.



Firemark & Fire Cushion Diamonds

We are the exclusive provider of the most perfectly cut princess and cushion cut diamonds in the world. Averaging 15% larger and providing 20% more brilliance, you will see why the Firemark and Fire Cushion are the most coveted.



Lifetime Jewelry Care

As your jeweler for life, quality craftsmanship and jewelry care is paramount. Simply bring the jewelry you purchased from Huffords back in every 6 months for us to inspect and clean, and in return we will:


Tighten loose stones

Replace lost side stones

Re-tip prongs

Polish and/or rhodium plate

All complimentary. For a lifetime of your jewelry and as long as it is properly cared for and worn as intended. For details about Huffords Lifetime Gaurantee, please contact us.



Custom Design & Manufacturing

We do custom differently. We want you to truly be a part of the process. Our talented designers will help you create your own masterpiece and then our skilled craftsman will bring it to life ... all on site for you to see.

With our live video feed of our craftsman at work, you can watch your jewelry created on-site. We even provide you with a photo album chronicling the creation of your special ring from beginning to end. A custom ring from Huffords is the ultimate way to make that special moment of your life all that it can be.



We're Members of the American Gem Society

The AGS is the country's preeminent jewelry trade organization, dedicated to consumer protection. Only 5% of all jewelers have met the exacting requirements to become an AGS member. As an AGS member, we have pledged ourselves to conduct our business under the utmost ethical practices and have pledged ourselves to protect you.

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American Gem Society Financing

Our membership with the American Gem Society has its special privileges. One of those is that we can offer you 12 months financing. No interest. Visit our store to apply or contact us for more information.