Valentines Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentines Day? Look no more! We have come up with a very affordable and cute gift guide.


#1 The new Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation line!


“Spread Love” Sterling Silver bracelet. $200


“Spread Love” Gold plated over sterling silver bracelet. $315


“Spread Love” Gold Bar necklace. $90


Silver heart necklace. $75


#2 Freida Rothman. Freida has very stylish and affordable pieces.

IMG_8953 (2).jpg

Imperial Blue Bangle. $375

IMG_8966 (2).jpg

Industrial Finish, Round Pendant. $165

IMG_8970 (2).jpg

Sterling Silver Ring. $175


#3 Honora. Honora Pearls are a classy and thoughtful gift!

IMG_8974 (2).jpg

Pearl Ring. $315

Screenshot (88).png

14KY Chain with a Round Pearl Necklace. $375

IMG_8981 (2).jpg

Freshwater Pearl Ring. $390