WHAT is a push gift, and do I HAVE to buy one?


This is a question I’m asked all the time. Mostly by guys who are already freaked out about the notion of being responsible for another life, and mildly exhausted by the onslaught of expenses they didn’t know existed (i.e. pumps, changing tables, rockers, automatic rockers, travel rockers etc.) My response is always the same: “My friend, you don’t have to do anything. But I will tell you she knows what it is. Her friends and family know what it is. And she’s expecting it. Your call.”

A push gift is what we give our darling wives enduring 9 months of freaky changes to their bodies that are literally out of the pages of science fiction. Followed by an experience that society quaintly calls labor (I honestly don’t think there is a word in the English language that would properly describe what the process of delivering a baby is like in person). Most guys agree this is a task that none of us could ever handle and our queens deserves the utmost respect and admiration for living through. While in a perfect world, our spoken gratitude and praise would be enough, it’s not that easy. It’s jewelry time.

*Side note: Many reading this will be quick to point out that I am biased because I am a proprietor of fine jewelry. But I retort that, I am also a husband and a father. Which puts me in the game. A game I didn’t make the rules for. But it’s my personal experience in the gives me empathy for the poor schmucks out there like me, trying to figure the game out. I’m here to make it as painless as possible and to make you look like a hero.  

So here’s a quick guide on how to do the push gift thing right:

Let’s get the first and most obvious question out of the way:  How much should you spend. To this I would answer: You’re definitely in the fine jewelry market, not just fun jewelry. That means gold; possibly accented with diamonds and or gemstones. Putting you in the $500+ range. From there, everyone is different and there are plenty of options. But remember, it’s a piece that she’s going to cherish the rest of her life, and likely never want to take off.

Next, I recommend something with meaning. As in, you put some thought into making it about the new family. The first thing that pops into most guys heads is going with the birthstone. But don’t rely on that to be a surefire hit. The reality is not all birthstones are created equal. If it’s a strong color, (i.e. candy apple green peridot for August B Days) than it isn’t necessarily a color she’ll love and wear a lot. So unless she has explicitly mentioned that she loves a particular stone, stick with all gold and/or diamonds. *See the list of birthstones by month below

Below are some of the most popular gifts I’ve done over the years and the meaning they can have for your treasured moment.

Solitaire Diamond Pendant

Price Range: $700 and up

Simple and classic perfection. Been around forever and will be relevant forever. Equally wearable with black dress or workout cloths. Pictured is a .10 carat, bezel set diamond. Quality has to be “good enough” but not perfect, price will go up with size.


Diamond by the yard necklace

Price Range: $900 and up

Why is it called a diamond by the yard when the diamonds are spaced about 1 ½ inches apart? Don’t know. Didn’t name it. But this is the most popular necklace I sell. Like the diamond solitaire it’s perfectly versatile and classic. The difference is, more diamonds are better. And you can do one diamond for every member of your family. You: “The three diamonds represent you, me and the baby”

Her: “Oh honey, that’s so thoughtful and cute!”

You: Mental victory dance


Diamond Halo Studs

Price Range: $700 and up

These are the best option for colored stone earrings. If you decide to go the birthstone route, these can be done in virtually any color and size. (Halo refers to the row of diamonds surrounding the center stone. Like a “halo”)


Circle of Life Diamond Pendant

Price Range: $1,500 and up

I’ll give you a moment while you recite the theme song of The Lion King. This one’s meaning is pretty self-explanatory.


Diamond Studs

Price Range: $1,500 and up

The quintessential piece of jewelry. If she doesn’t have them, she wants them. If she has them, she wants to upgrade them. (We are happy to do trade ups for studs). So if she doesn’t have studs and you’re in the market, look no further.



Here are the birthstones by month. Some months like June have two options. This is because pearl is not practical for all types of jewelry.


If you’d like to continue the conversation, I’m here to make it easy on you my friends. Reach out any time.