Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

We know picking out the perfect engagement ring can be difficult! There are so many different shapes and sizes. You have to remember the 4 c’s: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Well we are here to help! Read below to check out different styles of engagement rings.

First, you need to decide on the shape of the center diamond. There are quite a few shapes to choose from. The most popular is the round brilliant and cushion, followed by princess, emerald, square, oval, pear, and heart. The good news is there's no wrong choice! Diamonds never go out of style!


Next, you want to decide on the size of the diamond. Of course, budget will determine the size.

ring sizes .jpg

After deciding on the center diamond of the ring, its time to design the ring . There are a variety of metals to choose from for the engagement ring’s band. The most common is yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum

Each metal has their pros and cons. For example, platinum is an extremely durable metal and will last a long time approximately 30% longer than gold. However, it dulls much more quickly than gold and is more time consuming for the jeweler to work with. which in turn will raise the price of the finished product .

White Gold, on the other hand, will maintain high luster for a longer period than platinum. White gold is easier for jewelers to work with, and because it’s a soft metal, it’s easier to buff and polish it to get back the ring’s original luster. White gold will yellow over time and will need to be refinished with a rhodium plating to restore it to its original bright white finish.


A few more tips!

  • Make sure you know her ring size!

  • Establish a budget

  • Know her style. Girls love to talk about their dream engagement ring. Make sure to listen when they talk. Check her Pinterest page for ideas.

  • Finally meet with a well establish local jeweler. The knowledge and assurance of meeting with someone who can walk you through is priceless. This will be your largest emotional purchase. Finding someone who is an expert in this field to help you through the process will make the final product everything she dreamed of

Below are a few of our favorite proposals and rings.