June Jessee Memorial Foundation


I had the pleasure to sit down with Genny Jessee and talk about her sweet daughter June who passed away from neurological disorders and the June Jessee Memorial Foundation they created in honor of Junes memory. Genny and Matt first found out something was wrong with June when she failed the newborn hearing test. They just assumed that it was hearing problems but then they noticed she was having seizures called Infantile Spasm


June then spent her next few years constantly in therapy and at the doctors. She had a neurigocial disorder but no known diagnoses. Having a child with a life limiting condition was heartbreaking for them but  Genny and Matt knew they could not fix June but they could love her. So they spent June’s precious time here showing her what love is.


When June passed away Genny and Matt started the June Jessee foundation. The main goal of this foundation is to help support families in the St. Louis area who have children with undiagnosed neurological disorders. The foundation helps the families financially with medical bills, nursing care, medical equipment but they also want to be an emotional resource as well so the families don’t feel as alone as they did at the beginning of Junes journey. 

June jessee pic 1.jpg

The idea of losing a child is unbearable but Genny and Matt have risen above the pain and suffering and created something inspiring and wonderful. Through this foundation sweet angel June lives on and touches the lives of other families who have children with these neurological disorders. Huffords is honored to be benefitting the June Jessee Foundation the entire month of March.