Fall Jewelry Style

It is officially pumpkin picking, leaves changing, and sweater wearing season. Since summer is over it is time to tuck away our shorts and flip-flops and bring out our stylish boots and jackets. But what does that mean for our jewelry? Well we are here to help. In this blog we will go over all the latest and trending fall jewelry styles.

  1. Stacks on Stacks.

If you have not noticed yet stacking is the latest and hottest thing. And we are loving it. We have many designers that allow women to start a collection of stackable bracelets, rings and even necklaces. Our two favorite designers that love this style is Freida Rothman and Jude Frances.


2. Gold, gold and more gold.

Screenshot (12).png
Screenshot (10).png
Screenshot (11).png

In fall, we are always lucky to have beautiful sunsets and golden hour lighting. So why not have your jewelry match the golden feel to fall? All of these pieces pictured above are from the beautiful designer line I. Reiss. I. Reiss makes stunning gold jewelry. These pieces are perfect to add to your fall wardrobe.


3. Leaf Jewelry

leaf jewelry.jpg

When people think of fall, you usually think of leaves changing and falling. During the fall season, many people wear leaf jewelry which is super cute! These pieces can go with any outfit, rather it be a night out with friends or a date night.

These are 3 of the latest fall styles that we are loving! They are the perfect pieces to add to any fall wardrobe.