Featured Designer Laura Marlow

Huffords Jewelry is excited to announce that we are now carrying Laura Marlow Jewelry.

Please read below to hear about her line and Laura Marlow’s life.

Laura Marlow 2.jpg

She has 2 daughters who are both very creative, and a fabulous 3 year old granddaughter-Gigi. 

She worked for many years as a photo stylist. 

Laura Marlow said:

“And I have always been an artist, using different mediums. Painting, mosaic work, set design, and jewelry design. I started making jewelry because I wanted some turquoise I had made into a necklace and the shop I took it to wanted to charge me what I couldn’t at the time afford. Because I love to learn new things, I took classes so I could do it myself. I then started making other pieces and people kept asking to buy them off my neck.  I love the stones. I love the colors and organic shapes are my favorites. I think having a cool piece of jewelry can make such a statement. Wearing something fun and interesting can make the most basic outfit come alive. I’m not afraid of bold dramatic pieces. 

I’m inspired by exotic places and cultures. Anything tribal or earthy catches my interest. 

Laura Marlow 1 .jpg

My designs come from the stones themselves and how they work with each other. Each piece is unique. I rarely duplicate a necklace because they are to me like creating any piece of art just like a painting or a sculpture. 

It’s the creative process that I love. “