A Stunning Cut

If you've ever set out to buy a large, loose diamond, you probably researched The Four C's and hopefully the jeweler you bought from expressed the importance of the cut of the diamond to it's overall beauty. Cut is the one factor that is created by humans rather than by nature in regards to a finished diamond. 

It all begins with the rough. The planner chooses how the diamond rough will be sawen in order to retain the most diamond weight, yet considering ideal proportions and clarity characteristics. The bruter creates the girdle outline of the diamond (the basic shape). The polisher puts in the main facets, focusing on symmetry. Followed by the brillanteer who finishes the final facets. This gives the stone the fire, scintillation, and brillance (sparkle) the diamond is known for.

Where it gets confusing is that there are several dozen branded diamonds on the market. Many are claiming to be "the most perfectly cut diamond" or "the most brilliant diamond in the world". The trouble is, most of the time these are just marketing techniques used to make you believe there is a difference in order to charge a premium. However, there rarely, if ever is a difference. So at Huffords, we've rejected branded diamonds because we refuse to tell our clients that something is superior, when there is not tangible proof.

But then, along came the Fire Cushion. A diamond that has been cut differently than its contemporaries in order to get maximum diameter to depth ratio (a bigger look face up) as well as be clearly more brilliant. The proof came when I saw it for my own eyes, but was confirmed when I let customer's see the difference in person and all chose the Fire Cushion. And I am further convinced with a recent Facebook Pole. I posted a picture of two 1.20 carat cushion cut diamonds. One a standard cushion, the other a Fire Cushion. Despite being a simple picture taken with my phone. the overwhelming majority of viewers chose the Fire Cushion. And I am confident that if the others saw the two in person and were able to witness the play of light, it would have been an even bigger landslide. We are lucky to be the exclusive providers of the Fire Cushion in the St. Louis area. 

Learn about how the Fire Cushion sets itself apart below: